Innovative Solutions & Services is a Florida based professional services company that provides consultant services for association management, government affairs, meeting management, communications, Web site development and other services needed by continuing education providers and associations.

ISS also offers continuing education solutions for medical professionals and providers, from physicians, occupational therapists, and pharmacists... to Colleges of Pharmacy requiring turnkey methods for meeting logistics. Pharmaceutical and Medical companies use Innovative Services & Solutions to connect and provide CE to a variety of medical professionals and to maximize access of their educational programs.

The ISS Online Registration System means no more data entry for your administrative staff. Instead of manually entering hundreds or thousands of paper forms (or PDFs) into a computer for each meeting, the customers do the data entry for you. ISS's data collection system securely completes the online registration and payment, then automatically sends a confirmation and receipt email to your registrant with their information. You have the ability to see exactly how many registrants you have for a particular meeting 24/7. The convenience, cost and time savings are incredible.

ISS utilizes our wireless interactive Audience Response System (ARS) to revolutionize continuing education meetings. The ability to gain instant audience reactions, surveys, or opinions is an invaluable tool to utilize. Want to know if your speaker made an impact? Need quick feedback? Want an outcome study INSTANTANEOUSLY? The ARS device is the way to do so!